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Proof Yourself follows the story of a young undergrad struggling through one of college's most difficult courses, Math 598: Great Mathematicians and how to Defeat Them. The only hope of salvaging your grade is through combat, so work with your professor, listen closely to his advice, and you may just pass the class.


Proof Yourself is a 2-player co-op game in which players must traverse through increasingly difficult stages of combat against famous mathematicians and their minions. The undergraduate and professor must explore their various combat mechanics and abilities to successfully clear each stage and ultimately pass the class!


  • 2-player online multiplayer powered by Parsec.
  • Roguelite functionality. Power through rooms one at a time filled with hordes of difficult enemies.
  • Unique items and enemies that both keep players engaged and on their toes.
  • Challenging gameplay for players to cut their teeth against.


The undergraduate navigates the level. Throw chalk at enemies, roll out of dangerous situations, and collect stamina for your professor. As long as he can stay alive, the team can still beat the level! Alone, the coming obstacles might seem insurmountable, but with the aid of your ally you can overcome any hurdle.

The professor is there to help the player. Use powerful items when stamina allows, buff your student to boost his abilities, or debuff foes to make them more manageable. Though it's impossible for him to beat levels on his own, he's more than capable trivializing most challenges.

Install instructions

While we support local co-op by default, online play requires Parsec. Additionally, we've added analytics to our game to learn more about how people tend to play (where they die, how they die, what items they use, etc.). If this isn't something you want us to see, be sure to uncheck the analytics box in the top right of the main menu when you load into the game. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!


Mac Build 39 MB
Windows Build 41 MB

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